Monday, September 15, 2014


Briar Cottage Studio

Decorative, Fine Art Needlework Designs by Kate Gillery

Here at Briar Cottage you will find many different styles of artwork. For 24 years now, I have been  creating artwork to sell to local customers who visited my brick and mortar store. My store is now closed and I have opened an Etsy store. I would like to give the cyber world a try.

Please bear with me
while I learn the in's and out's of the cyber world.

If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to email me at:

Garden Path Cottage


" A whimsical sense of life and nature are expressed with remarkable artistic facility in the work of Kate Gillery." (Tribune Review)

I would like to thank all my customers; for without you, Briar Cottage would only be a dream!

 Hand painted Home decor
Kate was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Some are born with a green thumb, she inherited an aptitude for art. As she matured, so did her talents. The self taught artist moved to Massachusetts with her family in the early 80's and commenced her career by teaching herself to paint using watercolor. By sketching & painting she increased her awareness of the detailed world around her and to see with an artists eye. Several years later, Kate returned to Pittsburgh, where she debuted her artwork with the opening of Briar Cottage Studio.

 Kate's designs were well received in the northeast, her unique style quickly spread to other regions of the country. "It was always a dream of mine to make my artwork a career. What a wonderful feeling, to know that my art touches people's lives daily."

A Winkle is:

Briar Cottage is located on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. I started my business 24 years ago and never looked back. The Cottage and Studio are magical places full of whimsy and inspiration. I tend to the Cottage gardens that surround these magical figures called Winkles. Everywhere I turn there is a Winkle pinching my household trinkets and making them their own. Winkle's are one of a kind, each is hand formed, from papier mache clay. No molds are used. Each piece takes from 3 days to 2 weeks to finish, and holds a piece of my heart. I try to work trinkets into all my sculptures, gathered from antique stores, flea markets and generous friends and family. Most often the trinket tells me where it wants to go, and what Winkle or Winkle's should reside within. Please enjoy, & stop back often to browse for news and Winkle's for sale.

I now spend most of time designing and teaching Punch Needle.
Every once and awhile a Winkle visits.
And in my spare time I hook rugs and spin yarn!

Thank you for your interest